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The scientific predictions have indicated that climate change issues and factors of population will bring about future threats not only to the Gulf countries, but all over the world, the water crisis. This condition could lead to famine, diseases, political instability and more serious to armed conflict. Some effective steps should be taken to avoid serious consequences on a large scale.

AGRI-GREEN is a high-tech environment friendly machine; an invention of Dr. Adnan Fahad Rashed Al Ramzani Al Naimi was created to address the above environmental concerns. AGRI-GREEN machine was designed to produce water from the humidity suspended in the air and made available for agricultural, industrial and drinking purposes.

The AGRI-GREEN machine is the most dynamic solution for any country's depressing problems. Since water is vital to sustain life of any living thing in this world, the creation of this new invention is perfect for the sustainability of life in this planet.

The invention was awarded the Gold medal and Glory medal in the recent iENA International Trade Fair 2012 in Germany.

The Qatari Invention will be participating in The Seoul International Invention Fair 2012, The largest Annual Invention Fair in Asia- The Best way to Enter Global Market, November 29th - December 2nd, 2012 COEX, Seol, Korea.

AgriGreen will also participate in UN Climate change Conference(COP 18) From November 27 to December 7 2012 in Doha, Qatar.