Dear Friends, Associates, Fellow Inventors and Fellow Citizens,

2015 was an incredibly productive year and we have you to thank for that.

Your gift of time, talent and treasure allowed us to complete our missions, more than ever before!

As this annual report illustrates, the work you have so generously supported have placed our country, Qatar in the "world map" being recognized as a country not only rich in natural resources and being one of the country in the world having the highest GDP per capita.

Despite of our county's inherent wealth, Agri-Green pursued to undertake research and supported students and other researchers to develop projects geared towards our country's economic sustainability in terms of innovating alternate sources of basic necessities especially water which is the concern of most if not all nations in the world; this important resource is being depleted due to various environmental causes.

While our achievements will help our country's sustainability, we also be able to be of help to other neighboring countries in the Middle East, North Africa and other parts of the world.

Once again, thank you. I hope this annual report conveys the impact we had in 2015 and shall provide you the awareness of how we translate into action our stated GOAL and OBJECTIVES.

I hereby reiterate my appreciation for your support and interest in Agri-Green Foundation.

Adnan Fahad Rashid Al Ramzani Al Naimi

Founding Director