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Agri-Green Machine

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The machine is constructed in a steel structure. The device consists of coolers, compressors, condensers, fans and different types of filters. A thermal insulation is installed on the whole steel structure to prevent the outer heat to ingress into the cooling devices inside the closed box to maintain effectiveness and efficiency of the entire device. All coolers, compressors and condensers are operated in an automatic regulator which controls internal heat of the air passing through condensers and entire invention device.

The size of this invention varies according to the need of the amount of water required to produce. The pilot plant size is 6m long x 2m wide x 3 meters high. The larger the area to build solar cells and windmills the greater will be the opportunity to increase the production of electricity from natural source.

What are the beneficial effects of AGRIGREEN to the environment?

  • The machine will provide you with water by an average of 500 gallons per day approximately (2 cubic meters per day) throughout the year.
  • It is environmental friendly and depends entirely on the essential nature, sun and air.
  • The machine does not consume industrial energy (fuel or electricity) but provides energy only from natural sources.
  • It provides alternative source to improve agricultural sector by developing modern innovative irrigation while taking advantage of the high percentage moisture in the Gulf Region.
  • It can contribute and support food security programs by rebuilding and revitalizing farms and providing them with natural alternatives and more economic benefits.
  • It can reduce air pollution and preserve marine life through reduction of fuel usage and desalination plants.
  • It can contribute in reducing emissions of greenhouses gases and protect the environment from climate change.

Economic Benefits:

  • The AGRI-GREEN machine will help you save a lot of huge expenditures.
  • AGRI-GREEN can produce the required amount of water and electricity for your agricultural or industrial activities.
  • It can be used to cool the sports stadiums, large open halls, greenhouses and labor camps in the farm which will help increase productivity.
  • It can be used to cool down greenhouse which will improve the production of the agricultural sector.
  • AGRI-GREEN also provides electric power and generates money through the sale of carbon dioxide.
  • The AGRI-GREEN invention is one of the most sustainable development projects that can contribute financially in supporting infrastructure and development in the state of Qatar.